SDMT Board Member Spotlight – Meet Ken Karlan!

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Meet Ken Karlan, Chairman of the SDMT Board of Directors and the first in our new SDMT Board Member Spotlight series, a series created to introduce our wonderful board members!  We interviewed Ken to find out why he joined SDMT’s board, his favorite SDMT production and his personal message of why donating to SDMT is important to him!

How were you first acquainted with SDMT? 

I moved to San Diego 4 years ago and went to see SDMT’s The Producers. Having seen it on Broadway with the original cast I was prepared for good at best. I was so wrong and walked out of the theater in awe. In the lobby on the way out I happened to start talking to Gary and Erin and after a 15 minute conversation we made plans to have dinner.

Why did you want to be a member of the board?

At my first dinner with Gary and Erin besides learning about each other we discussed SDMT. During that dinner and more after I really thought my financial background could help the organization. I guess they thought so too and asked if I would join the Board.

When did you become a member of the board?

I joined about 3 years ago and was asked to be Chairman last year.

What has been your favorite SDMT production?

While I think every show we do is great I’d have to say Young Frankenstein. I saw the original show opening week on Broadway and was responsible for bringing the show to SDMT.

Why should friends, co-workers, family members, community members, etc. contribute to your SDMT fundraising campaign?

I tell people that SDMT is an amazing organization with great people. They put on Broadway quality musicals and bring culture to San Diego. Just see 1 show like I did and you’ll be sold.

Thank you Ken!

We are looking for GREAT people like Ken to join our board! Are you looking for ways to serve the community, have a passion and love of the performing arts, are able to motivate others to get involved, to participate and contribute? We’d LOVE to talk to you and see how your super powers can help SDMT’s mission to passionately produce, preserve and promote musical theatre that ignites the human spirt!

Click here to donate to SDMT’s Annual Fundraiser!




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