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SDMT Academy seeks to enrich and educate the San Diego theatrical community who have a passion for musical theatre. Our Academy provides a safe and encouraging environment to embrace diversity and acceptance for all. We’re committed to empower performersof all ages with the skills and training that will give them the poise and confidence to have productive, self-sustaining futures in the arts and beyond.
The Academy offers a three-step program for your aspiring musical theatre artist. The first opportunity is an exploration of basic performing skills in our Musical Theatre Explorers. Second, students will continue developing their skills in our classroom and performance program Rising Stars. Finally, the students’ experience culminates in our fully realized Pre-Professional Productions where they will have the opportunity to showcase the skills they have developed through our program.
Additionally, the Academy offers Classes for all ages featuring dance, voice, acting and technical experiences to hone your creative skill set on and off the stage.
MT Explorers (youth and adult)
Health and Safety
Rising Stars (ages 8-17)
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“Thank you SDMT Academy for providing a way for students to continue to develop their talents during this challenging time. You have experienced teachers who are working in the industry and have a perspective desirable to these rising stars. They challenge & encourage them in a kind & fun way. We will be back!”
– Audrey Deubig

“Thank you so much for offering the opportunity of these Zoom tap classes. As I told Barbara I haven’t tapped for 25 years, but she has been so great and supportive of these rusty legs and toes! I’m having a blast! I don’t think I would have had the courage to try tap again if it hadn’t been for this Zoom class. But now, when dance classes open again (whenever that is!) I will find a suitable class to enjoy this activity I love again so well. I’ve signed up for the second session and am looking forward to 8 more weeks of tap!
– Mary Shepperd

“This class was challenging and fun. The instructor was able to accommodate many different levels of previous experience. It helped me to connect with others and preserve a bit of normalcy during this strange time.”
– Issac Jackson

“Jazz class was so much fun, I really learn a lot. I highly recommend this class if you are new to Jazz dance, I would definitely take this class again.”
– Veronica Vasquez

“Allison was a great teacher on the subject on online submissions. I learned some brand new things I didn’t previously know about, she gave great feedback on my video that gave me inside on how to improve for the next time and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about this subject.”
– Colden Lamb

“What a refreshing, welcome educational opportunity for all young performers to receive professional mentorship and training in their desired field! SDMT has already led the field in setting an example of giving back to the community and reminding all that there is a greater stage than just the ones they are performing on. They now continue to lead the field by creating new avenues for young performers to receive experienced leadership.”
– Jennifer Zelles


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