Check Out Our Scavenger Hunt — Can You Finish Before The Performance Starts?

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Fewer than 20 blocks comprise the Gaslamp Quarter, and yet there’s no shortage of fun! Each block is packed with culture, fun, and something that makes it truly unique.

Whether you’re a tourist in search of San Diego entertainment or you’re a local trying to get to know your city and state a bit better — staycation, anyone? — then the Gaslamp Quarter and its surrounding areas are for you. And what better way to explore it than with a scavenger hunt? Our scavenger hunt has some of the best in San Diego attractions, and you can see it all for yourself when you print it off, gather your closest friends and family members, and race to the finish!

You can go as in-depth by spreading it out over a few days to truly experience each place or you can speed it up to see the attraction and cross it off the list. The order you complete tasks in doesn’t matter, though your finishing time compared to your friends’ completion certainly does! Let the hunt begin — and see if you can make it to San Diego Musical Theatre in time for a Broadway performance!

Take A Photo At The Historic Heart Of San Diego

This entrance sign archway is the perfect place to begin your tour of Gaslamp Quarter attractions.

Anchors Away!

This museum has a home on the water and has been a San Diego attraction since 2004.

Find Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is alive and well, but only after 5 p.m. This stop on your scavenger hunt is for 21+ only.

Concerts, Animals, And Museums — Oh My!

This San Diego attraction boasts 1,200 acres of green right in the middle of the city. The Beatles played their only San Diego performance here in 1965.

Curtain Call

It’s in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, it’s full of history, and it’s only got 240 seats — but that’s more than enough for friends and family when you rent the space for your next event.

Watch Out For Splashes!

Shamu made her home here in 1965, and this pinnacle of San Diego entertainment is now an animal theme park, oceanarium, outside aquarium, and marine mammal park.

A Retro Day Of Rides

This San Diego attraction features vintage games, gift shops, rides, and its iconic wooden roller coaster. Situated right next to the beach, this has been one of our city’s staples since it opened July 4, 1925.

Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jacks

Space for the kids to run around, great food and beers, and an amazing view are waiting for you.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

This company’s first store was opened by an Italian immigrant in Stockton in 1849 — and the chocolate has only gotten tastier since then. Visit the Gaslamp Quarter location.

Music For Good

This nonprofit musical theatre first raised its curtains in September 2006, and its San Diego Broadway shows just keep getting better and better.

San Diego entertainment doesn’t have to be overwhelming — stick to this scavenger hunt to see some of the best San Diego attractions and reserve your Broadway tickets today!


  1. Entrance to Gaslamp Quarter
  2. USS Midway Museum
  3. Vin de Syrah wine bar
  4. Balboa Park
  5. Horton Grand Theatre
  6. SeaWorld San Diego
  7. Belmont Park
  8. Petco Park
  9. Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop
  10. San Diego Musical Theatre
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