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San Diego, CA 92101

SDMT is happy to offer its beautiful 230-seat space throughout the year, for daily and weekly rentals. We welcome inquiries from all arts groups (non-profit and for-profit), corporate groups and private parties.

All rates effective Jan 15, 2018 (subject to change without notice). The following rates are for the rental of the Theatre only. Additional costs for equipment and labor (including setup and restore) will be determined by the Booking Manager after consultation with the renter.

Standard rental includes:
Upstage black or cyc
2 black legs
Steps into the house stage right and stage left

Venue Fee
For-Profit Rate: $900 (per day)  |  $5,400 (weekly)
Non-Profit Rate: $700 (per day)  |  $4,200 (weekly)

Labor Fee (per hour)
$35 Technical Director
$25 House Manager

Overtime Rates
over 8 hours in a day @ 1 ½ x
over 10 hours in a day @ 2 x
over 40 hours in a week @ 1 ½ x

Send all rental payments to:
San Diego Musical Theatre
4650 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Signed Agreement along with the following items:

  • 50% Non-refundable Deposit to hold the date
  • $500 damage deposit, to be returned to the renter, within 14 days of conclusion of the scheduled event, depending on the state of the facility.
  • Written proof of current liability insurance that covers the event and all related activities in the amount of $1,000,000, with San Diego Musical Theatre as additional insured.
  • Full Schedule of Day(s)
  • Technical Rider


  • SDMT does not provide ticketing services.
  • The Box Office is strictly for SDMT productions and will maintain its regular business hours throughout your rental period.


  • Each event is assigned a Technical Director who must be present whenever the renters are in the building.
  • SDMT Staff must be engaged to operate any and all equipment.
  • Any alterations to the state of the stage may ONLY be made by SDMT Theatre Staff.
  • There is no on-stage audience seating.
  • Renters must work with the SDMT production set and lighting as-is, if SDMT production is in progress.
  • Renters may not video-record their events if an SDMT production is in progress, due to copyright of the production set designs.
  • Renters must return the theatre to its original appearance (i.e. cleanup is required after your event).
  • Payment must be made in full, two weeks prior to your event, before access to the venue will be granted.
  • If needed, concessions are run by the Horton Grand Hotel and can be arranged through SDMT.

Contact booking manager at:

SDMT Rehearsal Space

4650 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

$50 an hour
Size: 39′ x 45′
Piano, sound system (mini jack/1/8 inch jack connector), sprung dance floor, AC, restrooms upstairs and a small green room with small refrigerator and microwave.

$40 an hour
Size: 29′ x 41′
2nd floor access by stairs only, carpeted floor, sound system with Blue Tooth connection, electric piano, AC, restrooms and a small kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and sink.

You may enter the rehearsal space at the start time of your rental. You will have a 15 minutes after your rental time to clean up and exit the building. If you go over your 15 minute grace period, an overtime charge of $1 for every minute will be applied to your rental.

Contact booking manager at:

Send all rental payments to:
San Diego Musical Theatre
4650 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

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