Why To Donate To San Diego Musical Theatre

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Whether you’re a philanthropist with millions to spare or you just have a little extra cash this month and want to put it to good use, San Diego Broadway shows are a worthy recipient.

The San Diego Musical Theatre is a nonprofit organization, which many people don’t realize. We are, however, fully dependent on the generous donations of people just like you.

We’re Local

It’s the 21st century. This means you know the benefits of stimulating your local economy, and San Diego is no different. You try to shop local, utilize the farmers’ market, and support local businesses in whatever way you can.

When you donate to San Diego Musical Theatre, you help not only a local nonprofit, but you also help local artists. We provide a home to more than 250 artists — actors, directors, designers, and musicians — annually.

Everything we do here goes back into your local economy, and your donation, no matter how big or small, can help. So next time you plan to catch Broadway shows in San Diego or next time you pick up some Broadway tickets, consider adding a small donation at the same time.

We’re Tax Deductible

Not all of our reasons will tug at your heartstrings — it’s also logical. If you’re going to be donating your hard-earned money, why not make sure it’s going to a local nonprofit with which you can get a tax deduction?

Simply list your donation as a charitable contribution. Our Federal ID Number is 33-1147422.

We’re Educational

Don’t you want to have a lasting legacy with your donation? Your donation could nurture the next generation of musical theatre performers and enthusiasts and teach groups of adults and children alike about all that goes into musical productions.

We offer summer programs for youth, a master class series, and more. Many of the donations also go to help people learn about and experience Broadway shows in San Diego who likely wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so otherwise. For example, we participate with foster youth, individuals with dementia, and military families. Your donation could be the one that helps someone discover a new love and passion for musical productions.


We Donate, Too

We have a motto around the San Diego Musical Theatre: You Give, We Give. And here’s the kicker — we truly believe this.

We’re so grateful to all of our many one-time and repeated donors, and we feel blessed to offer San Diego Broadway shows. For this reason, we give back also. Our current musical productions are Hairspray and Young Frankenstein, and a portion of proceeds from each goes toward other nonprofits (Locks of Love and Limbs of Love, respectively). Our past partners include Second Chance, Armed Services YMCA, the Special Olympics of Southern California, and many others.

If your organization would like to partner with us, contact Erin Lewis at erin@sdmt.org.  

San Diego Broadway shows aren’t just a great form of entertainment; they’re also an avenue for you to give back and help your community. Consider making a donation today, but know that we’d love for you to experience our Broadway musicals no matter what.   

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