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Richard Israel

What excites you about this show?
SHE LOVES ME is a classic of American musical theatre – and it’s truly in the top tier of the genre.  It’s been a bucket list show of mine for years – having seen multiple productions, and even appeared in a production in LA, I am drawn to the sheer joy of the storytelling.  SHE LOVES ME is a musical that appeals directly to the heart, and it’s a beautifully wrought valentine to the highs and lows of human relationships.  Bock, Harnick and Masteroff use the art of musical theatre to bring us into the story with great gentleness and sweetness, and I look forward to sharing that joy with our audience

Why is this a story worth telling?
Although SHE LOVES ME is set in 1930 in Budapest, it is strangely relevant – based on a 1937 Hungarian play, the plot revolves around two lonely people who connect via a “lonely hearts club” .  The two exchange letters which reveal their innermost feelings without actually meeting each other.  In today’s digital world, in which online dating and virtual relationships are more and more popular, this is a wonderful opportunity to see ourselves reflected in a musical that is chronologically 50 years old, but is somehow more of-the-moment now than ever.

What will the audience take away from this show?
SHE LOVES ME revolves around two people who are unable to give voice to their feelings – people who are so wrapped up in their preconceptions and predispositions that they fail to see what is right in front of them.  Hopefully, after seeing our show, audience members will take a moment to listen to their hearts, and pay attention to the love that might be right under their nose.

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