8 Reasons To Choose A Live Show As An Office Retreat

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If you are in charge of choosing a company retreat, we don’t envy you. Finding something that everyone will enjoy — or even has the ability to do — can be difficult. While you might want to treat the people in your office to a game of bowling or a day of laser tag, you’re always going to have grumblers who just don’t want to do anything physical. On top of that, the cost of many retreats can be prohibitively expensive, especially here in San Diego.

We’d like to humbly ask you to consider a live show at San Diego Musical Theater when you’re looking for a place to have your office party. As you’ll see, seeing a Broadway show with us checks just about all of the boxes when you’re looking for something to do with employees. Considering the 25% discount when you buy 12 or more tickets, it’s affordable too! Here are a few more great reasons.

Everyone Talks About It Before

When everyone is scheduled to do the same thing, they know they have a shared experience coming. When it comes to our musicals in San Diego, people can talk about what they’ve already heard about the production. They might also start talks about theatrical productions that they’ve seen, whether in San Diego or elsewhere. And we can pretty much guarantee that the least-likely-to-have-been-in-a-high-school-musical employee will surprise everyone with their history of stage work!


It’s Something You’re All Doing Together

First off, let’s talk about the fact that seeing a show is something that everyone does together. It’s a communal experience, where everyone is close together and laughing, crying, or clapping at the same time. 

While there are other communal watching experiencing — ball games come to mind — people can scatter when things get boring. Some will go out to get a hot dog and you might not see them for an hour. Others might be very excited for their team, while someone next to them doesn’t really care and leaves for a smoke. 

It’s important to think about the drawbacks of other activities as well. Let’s say you go the “let’s get back to childhood” route and head to a family fun center. Some people will choose laser tag, others go bowling, others to the arcade, and some to miniature golf. The idea of an office retreat is to have a shared experience, which is exactly what isn’t happening when everyone splits up to do their own thing.

Seeing a live show at our San Diego theater is something that keeps everyone together and sharing the same experience. There aren’t many retreats that can accomplish such a feat. 

You’re Not Excluding Anyone

One of the most difficult parts of arranging an office retreat is making sure that everyone can do the activity. While horseback riding might be fun for some people, you’re excluding employees with back problems. Hiking might be a great way to bond, but what about the person in a wheelchair? Taking a boat ride is relaxing for everyone except the person who gets motion sick.

You don’t want to exclude anyone on your retreat, and we’re happy to say the San Diego Musical Theater is very inclusive. It’s an activity that is not too strenuous, is wheelchair accessible, and accommodates people of every body type. 

It’s Not Alcohol-Based

Having drinks has been a staple of business interactions for years, but it’s important to remember that not everyone wants to be involved in a night of heavy drinking. While a wine tour or booze cruise might sound like fun to many people, it turns out to be just one more way of excluding others. 

Some of your employees are actively trying to avoid alcohol due to addiction issues, while others avoid it for religious reasons. And let’s not forget that things said under the influence of alcohol can’t be unsaid, which can lead to problems in the workplace the next morning. While alcohol might be a part of your retreat, it shouldn’t be the focus.

You Could Be Introducing Someone To Something New

We’ll admit it: If you announce that the office retreat will be for San Diego theater, you might get a few grumbles. Some might say, “Theater, that’s not for me. I’ve been trying to avoid musicals my whole life!”

But if they’ve never been, how do they know they don’t like it? Live theater is so much different from the musicals the naysayer might have seen on television. Sure, they might not have enjoyed The Greatest Showman or The Phantom of the Opera. Or maybe the extent of their musical knowledge stops at Disney musicals like Frozen or Beauty and the Beast. If they don’t like those, what are the chances they’ll like our live Broadway musicals here at the Horton Theater?

You never know, maybe they’ll love it! Maybe they don’t like musicals because they’ve never seen a good one…and we guarantee a good one! Even if they say they don’t like live productions, we bet they’ll leave humming a tune from our musicals.

You’re Saving Someone Money

If you’re buying 12 or more tickets in order to get the 25% discount, there’s a really good chance that you’re saving one of your employees money because they were going to buy their own tickets. They’ll certainly be grateful! 

You’re Supporting a Non-Profit

We’re happy to say that San Diego Musical Theater is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Broadway shows closer to you. Another goal is to foster local talent so that they can pursue their goals of being in top-tier shows with the best possible production values. Buying tickets from us means that you’re supporting a non-profit that is quickly becoming a San Diego institution. 

Everyone Talks About It After

Because everyone in your office had the same communal theater experience, it’s not going to be forgotten. Everyone will talk about the office retreat at various stages: in the lobby afterward, on the ride home, the next day in the office, and next month. It’s an excellent way to bring back fun memories long after the show is over, maybe even years later. We bet your employees will be humming and singing the songs to each other for a long time to come!

Get Tickets Here! 

It can be difficult to find an office retreat idea that satisfies everyone in the office, but we think that local theater is certainly one of the best options around. It provides a shared experience that many other retreats lack, and it avoids some of the negative aspects that can become a problem for some employees. 

If you’re ready to give employees an excellent experience here in San Diego, we’d love it if you chose our Broadway theater. All you have to do is call our patron sales manager at 858-560-5740 and tell them how many tickets you need. Enjoy your group discount!




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