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At San Diego Musical Theatre it’s not only about creating a positive experience for our patrons but for our cast members too. We are very fortunate in San Diego to have a great pool of talented actors and Donny Gersonde and Jonathan Sangster are not only talented actors, singers and triple threats, they are a part of the SDMT family. The twosome were seen stealing the stage in SDMT’s Young Frankenstein and were described by critics as marvelous, super-kinetic, hilarious and impressive!

They are all of those things and so much more so we thought we would take the opportunity to chat with them before they are Broadway bound and out of reach!

How many shows have you performed in with SDMT?

D- Crazy For You is my 7th show with SDMT!

J- This is my 7th show with SDMT!

Besides this one, what’s your favorite stage show?

D- My favorite stage show is A Chorus Line. And my favorite I’ve ever performed in is La Cage aux Folles (my first SDMT show!)

J- My favorite show ever is definitely Ragtime, which also happens to be the first show I ever did here at SDMT! It was a dream come true. My favorite show I’ve done with SDMT, without a doubt, has been Young Frankenstein!

Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?

D- I look up to the production team! We had such a strong group of women fearlessly leading us through this huge show. The director, choreographer, costumer, SM, ASM, intern, and assistant are all lady bosses!

J- Currently? I’m still in AWE that I had the pleasure to work with Kevin Hafso-Koppman last year in Young Frankenstein… I truly feel like I became a better performer by sharing a stage with him.

When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?

D- Snacking….I’m always snacking. I blame Erin and Jill!

J- Coffee! And if I’m making better choices; water. Also, asking questions and trying to keep up with the incredible dancers in this cast who execute the choreography so beautifully!

Who’s the funniest person in the cast in real life?

D- Either Luke Harvey Jacobs or David McBean. They are hilarious people.

J- Luke Harvey Jacobs. But don’t tell him. I don’t want this to get to his head.

What do you like most about the current production, Crazy For You?

D- I love learning the history of the show and what it did for dancing on broadway back when it debuted.

J- I love the comedy within this show! The physical bits that are incorporated within the dialogue are some of my favorite moments of the entire show. Also, this choreography! It’s kicking my butt, but boy will the audiences be WOWED!

What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?

D- Cooking dinner with my boyfriend and catching up on RuPauls drag race or one of our favorite podcasts!

J- A brunch with friends at a local restaurant followed by relaxing at home! (Of course, that is, when I don’t have rehearsal or a matinee)… is it Sunday yet?


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