The Genius Of Mel Brooks Is Alive In ‘Young Frankenstein’

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It’s aliiiiiiiiiive! “Frankenstein” has been a book, a movie, and a musical, and it’s reimagined and easier to love than ever in Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein,” a Broadway show you can see in San Diego this month. It’s right in time for your spooky October, so get ready for some hauntingly good fun when you visit San Diego Musical Theatre to see this Transylvanian thriller.

The Plot Of “Young Frankenstein”

It all began with English author Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” novel that was published in 1818, and the legend, horror, and creativity continue to this day. The 1931 Universal Pictures adaptation of “Frankenstein” and the 1939 sequel, “Son of Frankenstein,” were both largely influential in creating what is officially known as “The New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein.”

Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder wrote the 1974 comedy film “Young Frankenstein,” which Brooks stated was his best film. Brooks and Thomas Meehan first began adapting the film into a musical in April 2006, and it premiered in 2007. In September and October 2018, you can see this musical in San Diego.

The Broadway musical follows Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, dean of anatomy at New York’s Johns, Miriam and Anthony Hopkins School of Medicine. He’s also the grandson of the legendary doctor. The younger Frankenstein insists his name is pronounced Fronkensteen and that he’s a scientist, not a madman; he’s a sophisticated New York doctor, after all. After his grandfather dies, Frederick Frankenstein travels to Transylvania to check on the property. We won’t give too much away right now, but you can trust that horrific hilarity ensues.

The Artistic Fame Of Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks’ name is well-known in the film and theater industry. His comedic works are sure to make you laugh, even years after their initial release dates.

He was one of the most successful and prolific film directors of the 1970s. Some of his best-known films include:

  • “The Twelve Chairs”
  • “Blazing Saddles”
  • “Spaceballs”
  • “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”
  • “The Producers”
  • And many more

“The Producers,” which was his first film, was a Broadway show from 2001 to 2007, and he won Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards for this film.

He has also been nominated for and won many other Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Tony Awards. He is a legend in both film and Broadway musicals, and you’d be lucky to see his works on the stage.

The San Diego Musical Theatre

Ready for a monstrously good time? The San Diego Musical Theatre is your answer. Our musical productions are performed in the historic Horton Grand Theatre right in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter. With our proximity to food, drinks, and other entertainment, Broadway tickets with us will make for the perfect date night.

Musicals in San Diego are full of fun and adventure, especially when it’s a spooky musical in the month of October. Ramp up for Halloween and get in a light-hearted, yet terrified, spirit when you see “Young Frankenstein” with us in downtown San Diego from Sept. 28 to Oct. 28.

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