Meet Berto, a San Diego powerhouse who plays “Kevin Rosario”

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Berto is a local San Diego performer has nothing short of a dozen phenomenal credits at some of the best theatres in San Diego. From Cygnet, to the Welk, to Moonlight later this year, his talent is lauded and noticed around San Diego, but extends far beyond just California—his earliest performances and debut as a vocalist and actor were in his home country of Puerto Rico, where he was born. Oh, and have we mentioned he’s had the amazing honor of sharing the stage with superstars like Ricky Martin and Andrea Bocelli? Get to know our wonderfully talented Berto, who plays Kevin Rosario in “In the Heights”!

What inspired you to get into musical theater?

Actually, when I was growing up in Puerto Rico, a local Theatre company produced a series of original musicals for kids. We would have school field trips to a beautiful historic theater in Old San Juan to see them, and I was completely mesmerized by the singing, dancing, and character acting. That really sparked my interest in Theatre and performing. There are some YouTube videos of it, “Rockolandia”, look it up! It was so campy and fun.

How many shows have you done with SDMT?

This is my third stage production with SDMT(Sister Act, Catch Me If You Can, In The Heights), plus I performed in their virtual show Jukebox Hero.

What are your favorite shows that you’ve performed in?

They’ve all been so fun, in very different ways. There is, however, a very special place in my heart for Dennis Dupree in Rock of Ages. That wig had a powerful effect on me.

What is your role and give us the significance of it?

I play Kevin Rosario in In The Heights. He is one of the main bricks holding up el Barrio together. He’s a provider, a hard worker family man, damaged but resilient. He represents every LatinX parent out there.

How did you feel knowing you’d get to play Kevin Rosario?

Such a feeling of honor and pride in getting to represent my culture on stage, but also a responsibility to make him honest and relatable. I often think of my own father when I’m embodying Kevin. There’s also something very special about acting in my native language, it hits home.

What’s your favorite aspect of this character, what parts of Kevin do you relate to?

My favorite aspect about Kevin is his kindness towards his family and community. When studying the role, I noticed that he could be perceived as mean or angry all the time, so I wanted to make sure his heart and sense of humor would also come to light. Exposing the audience to where those emotions of frustration come from helps them understand him.

His sense of work ethic, I can absolutely relate to.

Favorite song in the show?

I think the opening song In The Heights, is such a perfect way to introduce the show and open a door for audience members who maybe aren’t as familiar with certain aspects of the Latin culture. All the music in the show is fantastic though.

Dream role?

I’ve always wanted to play Shrek, but I also love the idea of doing a more dramatic role, like Javert in Les Mis or Phantom. It would also be so much fun to play Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, that’s on the list too.

Thank you Berto! We look forward to seeing you in more shows with us, and of course elsewhere in the city and nation!

SDMT Presents “In the Heights” | Now – June 5th, 2022
Director: Carlos Mendoza
Choreographer: Laurie Muniz
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison
Click HERE to purchase tickets!

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