Interview with actress, Allison Spratt Pearce, of WHITE CHRISTMAS

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allison-215x300Allison Spratt Pearce is excited to be stepping into San Diego Musical Theatre’s production of “Irving Berlin’s White Christmas”.  This is the third year the show has been produced by SDMT but Allison’s first time being a part of the cast.
The Playbill Collector: How did you get started in theater?.

Allison Spratt Pearce: My aunt was a Broadway actress. She performed in the original, 42nd STREET and GRAND HOTEL where I grew up watching her.  Being a military brat I didn’t have the exposure or opportunity to train so she was instrumental in my association with theatre.

TPC: Did you go to college for theater?
ASP: Yes, Elon University in North Carolina for my BFA in Music Theatre.  After graduating, I went to New York and performed in international & national tours, Broadway shows and TV.  I realized shortly after, there was a gap in my training.  I decided to attend the prestigious M.F.A program at USD/The Old Globe. I received my degree three years ago.
TPC: I take it you never moved back to New York then.
ASP: No, we loved our time in New York, but for now have found a place here in this community. My husband plays the bass in town, we just had a baby and own a house.  We are living the dream!
TPC: You are about to start rehearsals for WHITE CHRISTMAS at San Diego Musical Theatre.  What character do you play?
ASP: I play Betty Haynes, who was made famous in the movie by the great, Rosemary Clooney.
TPC: What are you most excited about?
ASP: Singing the songs and telling the story.  Being able to share the Christmas season with everybody is very exciting as well.
TPC: What do you do to prepare for shows?
ASP: This is the third year they are doing WHITE CHRISTMAS so many people have been in the show.  So for this one specifically, I have to come practically off book.  There are a lot of tight harmonies for this show so I need to get those worked out.   We really have seven days to rehearse and then a few more days to clean, tech and put it up.
TPC: When you aren’t on stage, do you teach as well?
ASP: Yes.  I work at a handful of places: University of San Diego where I teach two acting classes, Grossmont College where I teach a musical theater class. I also have a private studio, teach at APA dance studio and MTCA ( which preps juniors and seniors for their music theatre and theatre college auditions.
TPC: How long is the run?
ASP: Two weeks, December 11-21st.
TPC: Any closing remarks?
ASP: I love working with the the Lewis Family who started SDMT.  They are doing phenomenal work.  I’m really excited and proud to be apart of what they are establishing in San Diego as great music theatre.
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