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While you were buying your tickets, we were putting the finishing touches on our show. Last month we introduced you to Steve Longfellow, our technical director. This week we will meet Janet Pitcher. She is the costume designer for South Pacific and has designed over 15 of our shows. Here is what she had to say about getting ready for this production.

What have you enjoyed most working on this production?
We have enjoyed working with this talented cast to create costumes that help tell this timeless story. We were able to gather many of the costumes needed from Theatre Co, but in order to complete our desired designs we are building several of our own costumes. Specifically, for Carolyn Agan (Nellie) and her swimsuit for “Wash that man”. We wanted something special, that she can sing, move and get wet in! We love the opportunity to create the looks we want to see in the show.

What has been the most challenging part of costuming the show?
One challenge in designing this show is finding authentic looking military uniforms, badges and pins. Because we are in a military town, I take extra care to get as close as possible to actual uniforms. Scouring Army/Navy shops, eBay and Military online shops to find those special pieces help bring authenticity to the production.

What has been your favorite show to work on and why?
It’s so hard to pick one because there is something to love in every show I work on. I would have to choose Rent because of the amazing experience working with a wonderful director Dan Monica as well as a tremendous cast. Having an opportunity to collaborate on designing for each character, taking them thrift shopping to find just the right costume pieces was a special experience. My other favorite show to costume is Hairspray because its just so much fun! Ive had the opportunity to design it 4 times and am looking forward to SDMT’s summer production starting soon!

Which show was the most challenging and why?
The most challenging show to design was probably Pump up the Volume due to the high number of costumes (over 200 pieces) for a 1 1/2 hour show! Since this was a completely new show, all of the designs were original, and as new numbers were included and/or cut so were the costumes! It was, however a lot of fun to find and create fun and memorable costume pieces from the 90’s.

We are very proud of the work we do at San Diego Musical Theater and we are excited to bring you this production of South Pacific. Thank you for choosing us for your musical theater pleasure, SDMT is your local wait to see Broadway.

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