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We’re coming into our last weekend of performances for Urinetown, but before we close, we wanted to introduce two final characters to you all! Quinlan King and Carlin Smith portray the roles of Officer Lockstock and Officer Barrel respectively, and they truly are an iconic duo. Both Quinlan and Carlin are making their SDMT debut in this show, and we’re so thrilled to have them as part of the SDMT family. Quinlan, who is currently a junior at the Coronado School of the Arts, serves as the show’s principal narrator as Lockstock, while Carlin is Lockstock’s trusty partner in crime. Watching these two on stage is reminiscent of other infamous pairs, with all the incredible chemistry of Gaston and Lefou or Shrek and Donkey. This week, we sat down with the two of them to get to know them a little more, and we can’t wait to share their answers with you. Keep reading below, and then don’t miss the last few chances to see them in action on the SDMT Stage before Urinetown closes!

What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

Quinlan: “I have been in musicals since I was a fourth grader, but I really started getting into it my freshman year of high school. I saw a production of “Something Rotten!” and it was so good that I decided to audition for that companies next musical. During that show I discovered that I had a passion for theatre and entertaining other people.”

Carlin: “I would have to say, my grandma! She taught me to love Musical Theater as much as she (if not more) and for that I’m so grateful!”

Photo by Mark Holmes

Does Urinetown have any special meaning to you? If you could tell the audience anything about this show, what would it be?

Carlin: “I think the meaning behind Urinetown is so impactful. I would tell the audience to expect the unexpected from this extremely talented cast!”

Quinlan: “I agree. For me, Urinetown holds a special place in my heart because it seems like something I would write. As soon as a read Officer Lockstock’s first line, I knew that I had to play this role. What other character gets to narrate the story, make genre savvy jokes, and keep the peace in a toilet themed dystopia? He is truly one of a kind and I am so lucky to be playing him.”

Who is your Broadway idol?

Quinlan: “Alex Brightman. He is a comedic genius, and his performance as Beetlejuice is simply second to none. No one else could come close to him in my mind.”

Carlin: “Ben Cook is an icon and my Broadway idol!”

What is your favorite scene or number in the show?

Carlin: “I love doing the “Cop Song” with Quin!”

Quinlan: “That’s my favorite number that I’m in too! It is one of the most unique sounding songs in all of musical theatre and I am super excited to sing it in front of an audience. The directors have also done incredible work for the staging during that song, but I won’t spoil the surprise! My favorite song that I am not on stage for is “Run, Freedom, Run”. It’s an exciting ensemble number that I’m sure audiences will love.”

Photo by Mark Holmes

What is your dream role or dream show to be a part of?

Quinlan: “I would love to be Cinderella’s Prince/ the Wolf in Into the Woods. So many fun songs and moments.”

Carlin: “I have so many dream roles and dream shows but being in Funny Girl is probably at the top of my list. I think my grandma seeing me in Funny Girl would pay her back for getting me into Musical Theater.”

This show deals with a government restriction of toilet use. If you were to lead a dramatic revolution, what future restriction would you be fighting to end? Maybe an imposed limit of iced coffees? Or perhaps the government control of pet ownership?

Quinlan: “Juggling. Juggling is a human right. If I can’t juggle, the world has gone too far. That’s when you know you are in a true dystopia; when you can’t juggle.”

Carlin: “I think I would lead a dramatic revolution over the banning of dragon fruit. I’m just in my “dragon fruit era” and could not live without it.”

Photo by Mark Holmes

What’s been your favorite memory you’ve shared so far with your castmates?

Quinlan: “One of my fondest memories so far has been dancing off-stage with my fellow castmates before we have to go on. It’s such a simple silly moment that warms my heart when I look back on it.”

Carlin: “This cast is so incredible and so hilarious! Honestly, every moment we have spent together has been great.”

What are your dreams for the future?

Carlin: “My dream is to become a professional actor!”

Quinlan: “I am currently in the process of applying for musical theatre and acting colleges across the country, but my end goal is to end up in the entertainment industry. I love acting, but if I can still help create things for people to enjoy, then I will be happy.”

Photo by Mark Holmes


Urinetown Creative Team:
Co-Director and Music Director: Van Angelo
Co-Director and Choreographer: Xavier J. Bush

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