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Our production of Xanadu has officially ‘rolled’ onto the SDMT Stage, and this is certainly a “muse”-ical you won’t want to miss! The cast is filled with such incredibly talented individuals, not the least of which is Krista Feallock who plays the role of Clio/Kira in our production. She truly lives up to the performance done by the late Olivia Newton-John who played the same character in the 1980’s movie version of this musical. This week, we had the chance to ask Krista more about this show and her own story as a performer and we can’t wait to share her answers! We’re so happy to have Krista back at SDMT and sharing her talent with us after she most recently performed in our production of All Shook Up back in 2019. Keep reading below to get to know this amazingly talented individual before you see her shine on the SDMT Stage!


What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

I remember asking my parents if I could join a Summer Drama Camp that my friend was doing, it was I believe before I started 5th grade. And I had such a blast. Then later on I decided to join my high school’s performing arts program after doing the musical “Oliver!”. Since then I haven’t looked back!

Does Xanadu have any special meaning to you? And if you could tell the audience anything about the show, what would it be?

I think this show has become so special to me because I feel like there are consistent reminders in the story for me to just keep creating art, and to believe in myself as an artist/actor. And to know that some things might come out “awful”, but at least you took a step, faced your fear and tried something! And then you can build off that and possibly create something magical!

I think if audiences are looking for fun, laughter and camp then you are in for a treat if you come to our show!

Photo by Ken Jacques

Who is your Broadway idol?

Currently Jessica Vosk. Icon.

What’s one 80s trend that you’d love to see come back?

Well I have been loving my leg warmers, so maybe those!? I also kinda love the shoulder pads trend.

Photo by Julie Licari

What’s your favorite scene or number in the show?

I have many, but I do love the opening “I’m Alive” because I get to be with all of my awesome, Muse Sisters. I also love the number “Suddenly”.

Photo by Julie Licari

What’s your dream role or dream show to be in?

Hmm I have a few, but dream shows would probably be Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, Sweeny Todd, and Waitress. Xanadu was also a bucket list show for me.

If you were a muse, what would you be the muse of? (i.e. the muse of comedy, the muse of great haircuts, etc.)

Oh gosh lol, maybe the muse of animals? Because I love them!

Photo by Julie Licari

Do you have any epic roller skating stories? If not, what’s your favorite jam that you would love to roller skate to at the rink and why?

I remember when I was in elementary school, my school had roller skate nights and they were so fun. The time before cellphones! I loved vibing to the music and hanging out with friends, good childhood memories. 🙂

Photo by Ken Jacques


Xanadu Creative Team:
Director: Jason Blitman
Choreographer: Allison Bibicoff
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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