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Welcome back for another installment of our Behind-the-Curtain blog! This week we can’t wait to talk about the incredibly talented Jordan Markus! You may remember him from past SDMT productions like In the Heights or Little Shop of Horrors! In our current production of Xanadu, Jordan plays the role of Sonny Malone, the lovable, yet struggling, street artist who finds inspiration in the form of the beautiful muse Clio. Audiences and critics alike have fallen in love with Markus, with the SD Union Tribune saying he plays his role with “guileless likability and a warm singing voice”, and we couldn’t agree more. We sat down with Jordan this week to ask him more about his own story and what Xanadu means to him, so keep reading below to find out his answers! And don’t forget to buy a ticket to come see him and the rest of our incredible cast on the SDMT Stage from now until June 4th!


What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

I was in school and I couldn’t play basketball anymore that year because I was injured, so a friend of mine who knew I liked to sing told me to audition for the musical our school was putting on, Bring It On: The Musical, and of course at first I was like “No I don’t wanna be a cheerleader”, but then they convinced me and I ended up getting cast and having the time of my life.

Does Xanadu have any special meaning to you? And if you could tell the audience anything about the show, what would it be?

Xanadu was actually the first musical I ever saw live. My high school was doing it and I didn’t really know anything about theatre at the time, but my choir teacher said I had to go see a show for a grade and I really enjoyed it!

Photo by Ken Jacques

Who is your Broadway idol?

Probably Ephraim Sykes or Christoper Jackson, any role they play immediately goes on the dream role list.

What’s one 80s trend that you’d love to see come back?

Jheri Curls, let’s do it guys!

Photo by Julie Licari

What’s your favorite scene or number in the show?

My favorite number is Don’t Walk Away it’s fun and impactful, and my favorite scene has got to be the scene between Clio (Krista Feallock) and Hermes (Domo D’dante) it’s hilarious!

Photo by Ken Jacques

What’s your dream role or dream show to be in?

My dream role is either Aaron Burr in Hamilton or Benny in In The Heights, which I luckily have gotten to play here at SDMT and I hope to continue to play that role more in the future, I love it!… Basically anything Lin Manuel Miranda writes I’ll gladly be in.

If you were a muse, what would you be the muse of? (i.e. the muse of comedy, the muse of great haircuts, etc.)

Muse of music… sorry Euterpe!

Photo by Julie Licari

Do you have any epic roller skating stories? If not, what’s your favorite jam that you would love to roller skate to at the rink and why?

I don’t have any epic stories unfortunately, but a song I would love to skate to would be “Skate” by Silk Sonic… I mean it’s right there in the name, and such a banger!

Photo by Ken Jacques


Xanadu Creative Team:
Director: Jason Blitman
Choreographer: Allison Bibicoff
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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