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“Morticia, Morticia. The name alone is gold!” Gomez certainly loves his beautiful wife, and we must admit that we share the sentiment! Erica Marie Weisz is making her SDMT debut in this role as Morticia Addams, and we couldn’t be more enamored with her. She commands the stage and absolutely exudes the regal beauty and matriarchal love necessary for this character. Her comfortability with this character should come as no surprise, though, because this is Erica Marie’s seventh time playing this role! While she has years of performance experience, that’s only a piece of who she is. Off the stage, she is a registered dental assistant, loves to cook, is the proud pet mom to what can only be described as a mini zoo, and is learning the trumpet! This week, it was a joy to sit down with this multifaceted and drop-dead gorgeous performer to learn more about her, so keep reading below! After you read Erica Marie’s blog, make sure to get your tickets so you can see her shine on the SDMT Stage!


What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

I have been singing all of my life, starting in church choir, so that aspect interested me. In high school, I chose to go the theatre route as opposed to basketball (yes, I played basketball in high school!), and I was hooked. Being in theatre also helps me manage a lot of anxiety that I deal with, as well as feeds my artistic creativity.

Does The Addams Family have any special meaning to you? If you could tell the audience anything about this show, what would it be?

The Addams Family is arguably the most historically iconic and recognizable family spanning all generations, whether it be from the original comic beginning in 1938 by Charles Addams, to today’s popular TV series, “Wednesday”, with oodles in between. To be a part of something so unique and expansive, is very special.

This show in particular tackles relatable issues any “normal” family may face, yet it still captures all the creepy and kooky aspects of the Addams family that we all know and love.

Photo by Mark Holmes

Who is your Broadway idol?

I love Liza Minelli. She’s had her share of struggles, but she always manages to have a wonderful sense of humor- I just always have looked up to her in her ability to command the stage and her powerful alto voice.

What is your favorite scene or number in The Addams Family?

I love the song “Happy, Sad.” It’s really just a beautiful moment, and gives a window into how tender and sweet the Addams’ are with one another.

Photo by Mark Holmes

This show centers around a wild and wonderful family and all their crazy antics. Do you have any funny or wild family stories you’d like to share… full disclosure!

I know what happens when you play “Full Disclosure”, so I shall plead the 5th!

What is a dream role or dream show to be in for you?

I’m a fan of smaller character roles that pack a big punch, so I’d love to one day play Mazeppa in “Gypsy” (can someone PLEASE do that show?!). I’m already learning the trumpet…

Photo by Mark Holmes

The Addams clan is a rather spooky bunch, and this show will be happening right before Halloween. What’s your favorite spooky Halloween memory?

Well, this isn’t particularly spooky, but my FAVORITE Halloween memory happened a few years back. Being back on stage for the very first time in-person since the start of the pandemic as Magenta in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was a grab-bag of emotions that I’ll never forget!

If you could invite one member of the Addams family to meet your own family, who would you want to bring for dinner?

Why, Morticia, of course. ????????️



The Addams Family Creative Team:
Director: Carlos Mendoza
Choreographer: Aaron Pomeroy
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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