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A musical would never get off it’s feet and onto the stage if it weren’t for the talented creative teams inspiring and leading the actors and actresses along the way! For SDMT’s upcoming production of The Addams Family,  we’re so excited to be welcoming back a familiar face as our director: Carlos Mendoza! If you were with us for our 2022 season, you may remember that he directed our production of In the Heights, and we’re so thrilled that he’s back again for this show. As a talented performer himself, Carlos brings such passion to his work, alongside his impressive resume of directing, choreographing, and producing. This week, we were able to sit down with Carlos to get to know him a little better as part of this Behind the Curtain blog. Continue reading below to hear all of his answers and then make sure to get your tickets for The Addams Family so you can see all of Carlos’s dedication and imagination come to life through our performers on the SDMT Stage!


How long have you been directing/choreographing?

I’ve been working in this industry for 20 years, doing everything from directing/choreographing to producing.

Does The Addams Family have any special meaning to you? If you could tell the audience anything about this show, what would it be?

This ghoulish family has lived through generations, it’s a fast and funny musical, a bright production that will satisfy.

What is one of your dream shows to direct or choreograph?

Thats a tough one, but I guess it would have to be “West Side Story”…… But “In the Heights” and “Man of la Mancha” are pretty high up there.

Photo by Mark Holmes

What is your favorite scene or number in The Addams Family?

That’s easy — the opening number “When you’re an Addams”!

This show centers around a wild and wonderful family and all their crazy antics. Do you have any funny or wild family stories you’d like to share… full disclosure!

I’d have to drink acrimonium to answer that question! And if you don’t know what that is… come see our show and you’ll definitely understand!

Photo by Mark Holmes

The Addams clan is a rather spooky bunch, and this show will be happening right before Halloween. What’s your favorite spooky Halloween memory?

No spooky story – But have wonderful memories walking with my niece Maya as Cinderella during Halloween and she spilled milk on her dress and she runs out into the living room and says to all the adults “Seriously, milk on the dress” — and that has stuck with our family to this day.

If you could invite one member of the Addams family to meet your own family, who would you want to bring for dinner?

Well, that’s obvious “Gomez” — he just looks like he would be fun, plus he looks like he belongs in a “Telenovela”.

Photo by Mark Holmes


The Addams Family Creative Team:
Director: Carlos Mendoza
Choreographer: Aaron Pomeroy
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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