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We are thrilled to introduce Allison Spratt Pearce, one of the incredible stars in our upcoming production of “Anything Goes”! You may remember Allison from various appearances with SDMT, whether on stage in shows like “The Sound of Music”, “9 to 5”, or “She Loves Me”, or most recently as the director of “Catch Me If You Can” in our 2022 season. She will be portraying the role of Reno Sweeney, the fiery evangelist/nightclub singer aboard the S.S. American, and she truly brings this character to life in a magical way. Keep reading below to get to know this amazingly talented individual before you get to see her work in action next weekend on the SDMT Stage!

What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

My aunt was on Broadway so I was exposed to the life and commitment of our craft early. It was all I ever wanted to do. I loved telling stories, using my imagination, playing and creating characters. Also, I think it was my fate. My birth announcement was a stage ticket saying “Now starring: Allison”!

Does the show “Anything Goes” have any special meaning to you?

To be honest, no. I have never seen a production of it or ever researched it. I’m very familiar and love Cole Porter, but had no special tie to “Anything Goes”. But I think sometimes that is the magic of being surprised with an unexpected opportunity. This show was never on my radar but when I was offered it I then of course watched all the production, movies, etc. Now of course, I can’t believe it was never on my bucket list. Once Sutton Foster reinvented the role to dance as much as the chorus, it made sense that it was the right fit for me.

If you were on a cruise, who’s the one celebrity you’d want to see and talk with on board?

I’m an extremely curious, outgoing person. I love learning and speaking to everyone, my husband loves it… 🙂 But to me a celebrity is only as interesting as an actor as they are as a human.  I think you would not be a good actor if you didn’t say Meryl Streep, I consider that a no brainer. Let’s go outside the obvious. Humor is a huge part of my personality and I am attracted to people that have joy, laughter and love in who they are and what they do. I also would love to be with a fellow mom who is in the business. We have an instant bond and understanding of the path we have all taken. I have so many celebrities I would want to cruise with, here are a few: Allison Janey, Kristen Wiig, Kristen Bell.

Who is your Broadway idol?

Sutton Foster has always been an idol of mine for so many reasons.  I also love Karen Ziemba. I was in the original company of Curtains with her on Broadway and she was a STAR, inside and out. A true triple threat that worked her ASS off to get where she was.

What is your dream role?

Since my love is in Musical Theatre, Theatre, and Shakespeare, I have a dream role for each category. Musical Theatre: To originate a role in a show that hasn’t been written. Theatre: Miss Julie by: August Strindberg, Shakespeare: Rosiland in As You Like It.

What’s your favorite scene in the show?

I think my favorite scene is Anything Goes. It’s the full company coming together and dancing one of the best tap dances ever. It’s a pretty exhilarating feeling.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I was a military brat and moved every 2-3 years of my life until I was 12. That I’m a mother of a 9 year old. That I’m a Speaker Coach for executives.

If you weren’t an actress, what would you want to be?

I would be in the arts in some capacity. I am a teacher, so I’m sure I would teach theatre!


Director: Omri Schein
Choreographer: Xavier J. Bush
Music Director: Van Angelo

Photos by Julie Licari and Mark Holmes

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