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SDMT’s production of Xanadu is less than a month away from opening, and we’re so excited to introduce and start working with the incredible choreographer, Allison Bibicoff! Allison is a Choreographer, Director, and Intimacy Coordinator for theatre, film, & TV, and she brings so much to the table that we can’t wait to share with you all! This is the first time Allison has worked with us here at SDMT, but it isn’t the first she’s worked on this show! Among her many impressive credits, she was the assistant choreographer for Xanadu on Broadway, and we know she’s going to bring such vibrancy and talent to life on our Stage. We had the chance to ask Allison some of our burning questions, so keep reading below to get to know this amazingly talented individual before you see all her hard work in action on the SDMT Stage!


What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

Well, I grew up dancing, then majored in theatre in college, so I guess it was the perfect combination.

What made you want to choreograph Xanadu? Does the show have any special meaning to you?

This show does have special meaning to me, as I was the assistant choreographer on the Broadway production. I then put my own stamp on the choreography when I choreographed it in 2015 at a theatre in Indiana. I’m excited to reimagine it again, with Jason’s new concepts.

If you could tell the audience anything about the show, what would it be?

It’s a smart and fun, and super funny show, with 10 top 10 hits. We all could use an escape these days, and Xanadu is truly the perfect one!

What’s one 80s trend that you’d love to see come back?

Strangers actually talking to one another, rather than being on their phones all of the time!
Ok, that’s probably not what you meant. Definitely not shoulder pads, big hair, or neon clothes. How about jumpsuits and off-the-shoulder tops?

What’s your favorite scene or number in the show?

Oh man, that’s a hard one. I’ll go with my first reaction, which is All Over the World. It’s a really catchy tune, and I have a few fun ideas in store for the number.

What’s your dream role or dream show to choreograph?

Oh, gosh. So many: Spamalot, Legally Blonde, Hedwig, Newsies, Rock of Ages, Swing!…and I’ve been studying ASL (American Sign Language), so I’d love to find a show that lends itself to incorporating deaf and/or hard of hearing talent. Plus, I always enjoy collaborating on new work.

If you were a muse, what would you be the muse of? (i.e. the muse of comedy, the muse of great haircuts, etc.)

I think I already am the muse of finding good parking. And fun shoes!

Do you have any epic roller skating stories? If not, what’s your favorite jam that you would love to roller skate to at the rink and why?

Let’s just say that roller skating is a great first date activity!


Xanadu Creative Team:
Director: Jason Blitman
Choreographer: Allison Bibicoff
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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