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It’s time for everyone to meet SDMT’s favorite rhyming star, Alexis Grenier! In our current production of The Addams Family, Alexis plays the role of Alice Beineke, the caring mother of Lucas with a proclivity for poetry. Confronted with the quirky lives of the Addams clan, which is a harsh change from her quiet home in Ohio, the audience soon sees a much different and darker side to this otherwise sunshiny character. Alexis beautifully portrays Alice’s complex character, and we’re so grateful to have her as a part of the SDMT Family for this production! The amount of acting skill and vocal prowess she demonstrates everyday on stage never ceases to impress. This week, we had a chance to sit down with her to get to know her a little more through this blog, and we can’t wait to share it with you all! Continue reading below to learn more about this phenomenally talented individual and then be sure to get tickets to come see her shine on the SDMT Stage. Her performance is certainly not one to miss!


What inspired you to get into musical theatre?

My grandmother was a singer and introduced me to Gene Kelly and Judy Garland movies as a child and we watched them endlessly. In fact, I wrote a letter to Gene Kelly when I was 10 years old telling him I’d like to marry him- and he wrote back! I didn’t realize that he was 93 at the time. 🙂 My first cassette was “Annie” and I played the life out of it!

Photo by Heather Longfellow

Does The Addams Family have any special meaning to you? If you could tell the audience anything about this show, what would it be?

I love a funny show with heart and this is exactly what Addams Family is! It’s been a joy to be a part of this production.

Photo by Heather Longfellow

Who is your Broadway idol?

Easy answer- Kelli O’Hara!

What is your favorite scene or number in The Addams Family?

I have two parts of the show I really enjoy. I love watching the dancers in the tango, but also my ridiculous dinner scene is a blast too!

Photo by Heather Longfellow

This show centers around a wild and wonderful family and all their crazy antics. Do you have any funny or wild family stories you’d like to share… full disclosure!

When I was in junior high and my sister was in high school, my mom volunteered to store all the costumes for a CYT play in our garage. While my sister and I were in the house with her boyfriend and my friends at the time- my parents dressed up in costumes and rang the doorbell. My dad had on a duck butt costume backwards, so the tail was in the front… (you know)… and my mom was wearing an all green kids Ozian costume. Instead of being embarrassed, we fell to the ground with laughter. I know other teenagers might not have liked their parents doing this with their friends over, but I have always relished the silliness in my family. Life’s too short not to enjoy every minute.

Photo by Heather Longfellow

What is a dream role or dream show to be in for you?

I would love to play Amalia in She Loves Me.

The Addams clan is a rather spooky bunch, and this show will be happening right before Halloween. What’s your favorite spooky Halloween memory?

During the pandemic, we created a haunted trail in my backyard for my children and our neighbors’ kids. It turned out to be such a hit, we did it the last two years as well and had a huge number of kids come! I played the witch from Hansel and Gretel and decorated the playhouse with giant candy.

Photo by Heather Longfellow

If you could invite one member of the Addams family to meet your own family, who would you want to bring for dinner?

I think I’d have Gomez so he could entertain us with his long winded, funny stories and jokes.


The Addams Family Creative Team:
Director: Carlos Mendoza
Choreographer: Aaron Pomeroy
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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Photo by Heather Longfellow

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