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We’ve officially started rehearsals for SDMT’s upcoming production of The Addams Family, and never before have ghosts and ghouls danced so well, all thanks to the work of our incredible choreographer, Aaron Pomeroy! In the show, Uncle Fester and the rest of the Addams clan wake up their beloved ancestors by dancing on their graves, and with Aaron’s choreography, we can totally see how that would be possible! Aaron brings such a level of energy and vibrancy to his work, it will animate even the dullest of corpses, and we can’t wait to see our performers bring his dances to life. With years of experience in both the musical theatre and dance competition worlds, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to this production. As his SDMT premiere show, we can’t think of a more fitting one for Aaron to be joining the SDMT Family. We were able to sit down with him this week to learn a bit more about him through the following interview questions, so keep reading below to find out his answers! And then once you’re finished reading, make sure to get your tickets for The Addams Family, running Sept 29- Oct 29 on the SDMT Stage!


How long have you been choreographing?

What initially inspired me to start choreographing is when I started teaching at dance studios and doing choreography work for dance competitions when I was fresh out of High School. I have been choreographing Musical Theater productions for about 6 years, and have been involved in many aspects of Musical Theater ever since I did my first show at Starlight at around 10 years old.

Does The Addams Family have any special meaning to you? If you could tell the audience anything about this show, what would it be?

The Addams Family is a fan-favorite! It has a special meaning to me in the sense where you can be different and odd and get away with it in a comical kind of way. You can just let everything go. Audiences will absolutely love it!

What is one of your dream shows to choreograph?

One of my dream shows to choreograph would be Legally Blonde and 42nd Street. Legally Blonde because the music inspires me to be creative and to dance, and 42nd because I grew up studying tap, it being the first style of dance I learned when I was 4.

Photo by Mark Holmes

What is your favorite scene or number in The Addams Family?

I love the song “When You’re an Addams,” mostly because there are so many different styles of music within the song and it is the song of the show where we are introduced to all of the characters.

This show centers around a wild and wonderful family and all their crazy antics. Do you have any funny or wild family stories you’d like to share… full disclosure!

I don’t really have any “wild” memories. My family was always on the go!

The Addams clan is a rather spooky bunch, and this show will be happening right before Halloween. What’s your favorite spooky Halloween memory?

This goes back to my mom and how she always loved to dress up at Halloween, no matter what the function was. I remember trick-or-treating until 11 pm at night, going to every house no matter if it was decorated or not.

If you could invite one member of the Addams family to meet your own family, who would you want to bring for dinner?

Grandma! With her at the table, you never know how the night is going to end up!

Photo by Mark Holmes


The Addams Family Creative Team:
Director: Carlos Mendoza
Choreographer: Aaron Pomeroy
Music Director: Richard Dueñez Morrison

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