8 Things To Do In San Diego, Pt. 1

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Ready for a weekend of fun in San Diego? We can’t blame you. With everything from delicious food to beautiful views to enriching cultural experiences, San Diego just about has it all.

With so many options though, you may have a hard time deciding just what it is that you want to spend your sunny days doing. San Diego Musical Theatre is your local way to see Broadway shows, and we’re all about local. In this blog series, we’re going to highlight eight local activities you could do while here — whether you’re a longtime resident or you’re just popping in for a weekend.

San Diego attractions are known worldwide, but these are some of our favorites. Of course, we’re in this list, too! Visit us in the Gaslamp Quarter for Broadway tickets and a fun night you’ll love.

San Diego Zoo

This zoo houses more than 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies, so you can really spend a lot of time here. Even better, the entire month of October is free for children under the age of 11, as long as they’re with an adult. Get your own wild gang together and go experience the wild right in San Diego.

USS Midway Museum

Feel patriotic and spend some time educating yourself when you visit the USS Midway Museum. This maritime museum is located at Navy Pier and consists of the aircraft carrier Midway. This ship houses an impressive collection of aircraft, and a lot of them were even built in Southern California. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, your time here is sure to fly by.

San Diego Musical Theatre

Musicals in San Diego are always a good idea, especially when it’s supporting local artists and a local business. SDMT is a non-profit musical theatre that regularly produces Broadway musicals that wow audiences from all over the world. It’s community theatre, but with the added enjoyment of Broadway classics and professional actors. October’s stage will be graced by the ever-funny “Young Frankenstein” from the mind of Mel Brooks. Searching for “Live theater near me”? SDMT is your local answer.

Balboa Park

Ready to explore 1,200 acres of urban greenery and local architecture? You’re sure to be doing a lot of eating while in San Diego (who isn’t, really?), so exploring these acres of walking paths at Balboa Park isn’t a bad idea. Besides, there are also major museums, several theatres, and even restaurants! Maybe you’ll just eat and walk at the same time — we’re not here to judge.

We’ve given you a few options for outdoor and indoor activities in San Diego, and everything from pure fun to more educational. Check out part two of this blog to learn four more things you can do while in this sunny city, and be sure to get Broadway tickets sooner rather than later! Here at SDMT, we’re a huge part of San Diego entertainment, and we’d love to see you sometime soon!

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