5 Reasons To See A Live Musical

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What to do, what to do?

With entertainment options galore in the great city of San Diego, it’s usually a matter of narrowing down exactly what you want to do, rather than finding just anything to do.

But if you’re a fan of music, dance, and captivating storytelling, then there’s one option that has everything your heart desires: musical theatre!

In this blog, we’ll be listing a few reasons why you should see a live musical at the San Diego Musical Theatre. By the end of this blog, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll certainly be compelled to get your tickets to one of our 2018 hit Broadway series.

Keep reading to learn more and get tickets to a San Diego Broadway show today.

No. 1: It’s Live!

One of the most compelling aspects of seeing musical theatre is that it’s all performed by real human beings, in real time, right before your very eyes.

There’s something to be said for acting in any capacity, to be sure — but to be able to perform in front of a different audience every night, all while incorporating song, dance, and other elements, is truly a spectacle to behold.

Live musicals have the ability to form a bond between the performers and the audience that other forms of entertainment simply cannot.

Don’t believe us? Check out a show for yourself!

No. 2: The Experience

Of course, this is just somewhat of a piggyback off of the first point. But it’s worth expanding upon.

The experience of taking in a live musical show is inimitable. Sitting in the audience alongside hundreds of other people, hanging on every word and musical number, and erupting into applause with each break in the action is certainly a worthwhile experience.

No. 3: Something For Everyone

Musical theatre’s true power lies in its ability to relate to people from all walks of life. No matter the age, gender, race, or sexual orientation, musicals speak to the audience not only through choreography and music, but also through the themes that are explored throughout the performance.

A live musical is a great way to spend a date night, a night out with the family, or even as a solo venture. And no matter with whom or where you experience your first musical, you’re sure to be left mesmerized and singing your favorite songs for days after the performance.

No. 4: The Spectacle

There is a great deal of artistic value that goes into the production of each and every musical. If you’re the type who can appreciate these types of productions, then a show will have you “wowed” by the wonder of it all.

From the acting, singing, and dancing, to the choreography and stunt work, to the orchestra, all the way to the lights and the costumes and the prop work — live musicals have it all.

No. 5: It’s Local!

The fifth and final reason why you should see a live musical is because you don’t have to break the bank to see a Broadway show.

At San Diego Musical Theatre, we are your local way to see Broadway! With an epic lineup of hit San Diego Broadway shows each season, you can experience the wonder of live theatre right here in your own backyard.

If you’re looking for a great experience, then get tickets to see a show today and join the fun!

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