5 Reasons to Attend a Performance This Holiday Season

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When some people think of the holiday season, they think about the quick transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving — with Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza all making their appearances shortly after. Because of this, the holiday season can pass by in a blur. 

At the San Diego Musical Theatre, we believe that while the holiday months are bound to pass quickly, that it is still important to slow down and enjoy it — something made incredibly easy by attending a traditional holiday performance, here at our San Diego performing arts center. 

But why should you and your family attend a performance at the San Diego Musical Theatre this holiday season? 

A Trip to the Theatre Is a Fun Family Outing

When it comes to family activities, there are few better than spending time together while observing the arts. While a family trip to a local museum might be a fun way to spend time as a family in an artistic environment, there are few arts more engaging than theatre. 

For adults, theatre is an exciting way to interpret new stories and classic tales alike. For children — who might not be as inclined to follow a story — theatre is an engaging visual and auditory experience that sparks the imagination. In short, there is something for everyone in the family, here at our San Diego theatre. 

Just Like the Holiday Season, a Play Is Alive

The holiday season is a joyous time of year. Music, colors, and scents are present that make us reminisce of the holiday seasons that have past. In a sense, the holiday season is alive. Much like the holiday season itself, the theatre is also very much alive. 

When you take a trip to the theatre, you can expect a tastefully crafted experience that was designed with you and your family in mind. The beautiful sets, sublime lighting, intricate movements, and decorative subtleties all contribute to a feeling for the viewer that can only be described as “warm” or “alive.” If you have not experienced this, we urge you to consider checking our shows in San Diego this holiday season — we promise that you won’t regret it. 

The Holidays & Theatre Are About People Coming Together

If you have a fond holiday memory — regardless of what holiday it was — it likely has something to do with your family coming together to celebrate with one another. Some families all choose one location to meet for the holidays, others take time hosting. What matters is that the family came together to create a fun holiday experience. 

Theatre is very much the same in the sense that it is a group of people that come together to create a fun, entertaining experience for all. In theatre, the cast is almost like a family. They come together and build a fun experience for both themselves and their audience — and their audience could be you and your family.

Theatre Helps Us See A Different Perspective 

It is no secret that most people do not perceive everything in the same way — especially during the holiday season. With different religions, traditions, and holiday experiences, everyone has a different way that they look at the holiday season. 

Attending theatrical performances is a great way to challenge your own perception of things — as different performances might bring topics of discussion and thought up in a different framework than you are used to. In short, theatre is a great way to diversify how you perceive things by experiencing firsthand how other people have perceived things — something that all of us could benefit from this holiday season. 

Holiday Theatre Is a Great Way to Revisit Old Stories

When most people think back to their childhood, they usually have a story or two that has remained close to their heart as they have grown older. For some it classic stories and plays like Annie. For others, it is classic movies that they remember watching as a child. 

Seeing a musical, play, or some other sort of theatrical adaptation of your old favorite stories is a great way to revisit old memories in a new and exciting way — and the good news is that plenty of shows in San Diego this holiday season are adaptations of classic novels, playwrights, and movies. Movies like:

Attend Our Performance of “A Christmas Story,” the Musical

If you and your family are looking for a fun theatrical experience this upcoming holiday season we urge you to consider attending our adaptation of “A Christmas Story.” Our musical adaptation of this classic film will provide a unique perspective of Christmas from the young Palphie Parker and his Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun.

You know the story, but you haven’t experienced the unique musical numbers that have stemmed from his imagination. Enjoy the unique perspective of “A Christmas Story” by attending a showing at our San Diego theatre. Get your tickets to “ A Christmas Story” today!

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