Special Guest!

Ken Prymus started his professional career at the age of 16 doing television appearances and tours, finishing with the Academy Award-winning documentary THE YOUNG AMERICANS at age 20. From then on, Ken appeared in many films, including IN COLD BLOOD, THE MODEL SHOP and M*A*S*H, in which he appeared and sang the song SUICIDE IS PAINLESS in the “Last Supper” scene. After this he appeared as a Johnny Mann Singer in Johnny Mann’s Stand Up and Cheer. He has starred in several shows on Broadway, including THE WIZ (The Lion), AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ and 71/2 years of CATS as Old Deuteronomy. He now lives in Las Vegas after many, many, many years living in New York He also just returned from Great Britain, where he performed on the West End and on the tour of THE GENIUS OF RAY CHARLES. After which he opened in the San Diego production of PRINCESS AND THE BLACK-EYED PEA. His face may seem familiar, because of the many TV commercials he’s done.
Ken finished his second time at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago in the new play “MARY” and this past October, performed in Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, where he played Uncle Jed in Denver. Ken is happy in Las Vegas, but sometimes misses New York, and Chicago, and
London, and California, but he is looking forward to performing CAT’S (a show and role he loves) at Pentangle Arts in Vermont.

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