Captain (Mrs. Harcourt U/S)

Kara is thrilled to be setting sail with SDMT! Favorite credits include Romeo and Juliet (Nurse) Vanguard; Murder on the Orient Express (Princess Dragomiroff) Coronado Playhouse; 1940’s Radio Hour (Geneva) Lamplighters; Julius Caesar (Caesar) Vanguard; Air Turbulence (Karen) Star Theater; Winter’s Tale (Paulina) Coronado Playhouse; Annie (Miss Hannigan) Vanguard, and The Mousetrap (Mrs. Boyle) Lamplighters. A native of San Diego, she attended SDSCPA (85), B.A .BYU (90) M.Ed Chapman(97) and is a piano tuner/owner of The Artists Touch Piano Tuning. She thanks her friends and family, and the lovely cast and crew of this wonderful show.

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