Our Classes and Workshops provide on-going training to further develop our participants performance skills, with an emphasis on how to stand out and excel in auditions.


The intention of Our Broadway Styles Series is to have each Academy performer be confident & trained in mastering whatever style show they’re auditioning for and get cast in!

We’ve broken Broadway down into 3 fundamental styles:

  • CONTEMPORARY (shows like Matilda, Mean Girls)
  • CLASSIC (shows like Sound of Music, West Side Story)
  • STYLIZED (shows like Hamilton, Sponge Bob Square Pants)

Every 5 week series of the Broadway Styles Classes will choose a specific show to Spotlight from these 3 fundamental genres.

Here we will work on mastering the vocal, acting, and dancing styles of the show as well explore the origin and history of show.

Week 5 will culminate in a final Showcase of both our Youth & Teen classes performing for family and invited Industry Professionals.


Whether you’re already actively participating in Musical Theatre, or just starting out, these workshops will give you valuable knowledge, insight, and the self-esteem to pursue theatre either as a career, or simply just for fun!


  • ACT your songs! Singing pretty isn’t enough.
  • Identify what roles are right for YOU!
  • Select songs that are not overdone and are appropriate for you, based on your age & type.
  • Make your audition Memorable and stand out from the rest!!
  • How to be Personable & Professional in the room
  • Be Confident in any performance situation
  • Put together an effective Headshot & Resume’
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the business

Plus Secret Tips, Tricks & Resources into the Biz!

These 5 week workshops will culminate in a final “mock” audition and Q & A session with invited Industry Professionals.


The intention of our Adult Class Series is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for performers over 20 years young to come train, learn and grow. Here you’ll study with working professional experts to develop powerful audition and performance techniques that will help you book jobs and give you more dynamic performances!


  • TEACH you different styles of Musical Theatre dancing, singing, and acting
  • STRENGTHEN your audition, interview and cold reading skills
  • Help IDENTIFY what your ‘type’ is and what roles & songs are right for you
  • PREPARE you with current audition techniques and audition room etiquette
  • Give you the CONFIDENCE to walk into any audition or performance powerfully and ready to play!

These classes will culminate in a final Showcase for invited Industry Professionals.


Our daytime youth classes are designed to provide an open, diverse, supportive, collaborative environment for the kids and teens to build a community with those who share the same passion for performing, while vastly expanding and enriching their Musical Theatre and performance skills.


  • TEACH you different aspects of musical theatre through scene work, improvisation, creative story telling, and audition techniques.
  • STRENGTHEN your interview, audition, public speaking, and performance skills.
  • Build TRUST with yourself and others through listening, interacting, and making creative choices… not only as a performer but also in life.
  • Give you CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM and the LEADERSHIP SKILLS you need to walk into any audition or performance powerfully and ready to go!
  • Build LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS and have tons of fun with others in your community!

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“What a refreshing, welcome educational opportunity for all young performers to receive professional mentorship  and training in their desired field! SDMT has already led the field in setting an example of giving back to the community and reminding all that there is a greater stage than just the ones they are performing on.  They now continue to lead the field by creating new avenues for young performers to receive experienced leadership.”
– Jennifer Zelles (Parent of student)

“What an awesome experience for these young performers. A few of my students attended and they had nothing but positive things to say about all aspects of this program. Well done, SDMT!”
– Chrissy Burns (Theatre professional)

“It was an amazing experience for our daughter. She can’t wait to attend next year’s camp! Thank you so much!”
– Meredith D’Anchise Kolod (Parent of student)

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