Gloria Galetka –
Volunteer Coordinator

Gloria became a volunteer ”Spotlighter” in 2018 after seeing her first performance at San Diego Musical Theatre! She became the Coordinator in 2019 and looks forward to continually growing the volunteer participation. Growing up in Gary, Indiana, Gloria enjoyed theatre productions, especially musicals. Living near Chicago, my first was The King and I with Yul Brenner; I was hooked! Playing musicals on my record player, singing and dancing (not my best attributes as my professional life was a RN/private fiduciary) with my two small children, I’m sure laid the seed for my son to go on to perform and create his own Musical Theatre company. This led to much “mom volunteer time”, so after relocating and meeting with Erin, who shared a similar story with her daughter, not to mention Broadway-caliber musicals, I found a perfect fit! Having such a loyal group of volunteers, we put together a SDMT ushering team for our productions. We have many fun and useful activities available such as a Meet & Greet the actors, staff potlucks, community representation, costume and set opportunities and ushering. If you would like to become involved in any way, please contact

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