Chaunsa Oyos –
Managing Production Director

Chaunsa is a performing arts practitioner with 30 years of experience on the boards, in the booth, the wings, in conference rooms, and in classrooms. She cultivates connections, ideas, understanding, and innovation through the stories told in theatre. She has an abiding belief that accessibility to the Arts makes for a more authentic and well-rounded human being.
She’s worked on shows at Moonlight Amphitheatre, Diversionary, Poway Center for Performing Arts, and high school theatres across San Diego—if it has anything to do with putting a show together in a theatrical setting—Chaunsa has probably worked on it! To date, she’s most proud of her work at Moxie Theatre and Groundworks Theatre.
She is grateful for the leadership opportunity that SDMT has entrusted her with, and cordially invites the amazing theatre community in San Diego to come play with her!
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