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Don Lockwood    Cosmo Brown     Kathy Selden      Lina Lamont        Dora Bailey    Miss Dinsmore

Sid Phillips           Roscoe Dexter       Simpson           Lady In Waiting       Zelda               Villian

Man on Screen     Rod            Male Diction Teacher          Production Tenor                Ensemble


Screenplay and Adaptation by Betty Comden and Adolph Green | Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed

Director: Todd Nielsen | Choreographer: Jill Gorrie | Musical Director: Don LeMaster


Email Jill at to schedule an audition. Specify what role or roles you will be auditioning for and if you are Equity or non-union.

· Guest Artist Contract AEA: $400.00 weekly

· Non-Equity: $800 to $1500 for run depending on role cast in

· Young Don/Young Cosmo: There will be a stipend

· First Non-Union Rehearsal: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

· First Equity Rehearsal: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

· First Performance: Friday, May 22, 2015

· Closing: Sunday, June 7, 2015


Dance Call – Monday, March 9 at 6pm. The roles of Cosmo Brown, Don Lockwood, Kathy Seldon, Production Singer, Zelda Zanders, Olga Mara and The Girl In The Green Dress must attend the Dance Call. The roles listed above do not need to attend the Singer Call. If you are kept from the Dance Call you will be asked to sing that same evening.

Singer Call – Tuesday, March 10 by appointment only from 2pm-10pm for the roles of Lina Lamont, Miss Dinsmore, R.F. Simpson, Rod, Roscoe Dexter, Young Don, Young Cosmo and assorted speaking roles to be cast from the Ensemble. The roles listed above do not need to attend the Dance Call.

Callback – Wednesday, March 11 time TBD.

Please note: You must attend one of the calls in San Diego to be considered. No video or out of state submissions accepted at this time.


SDMT Rehearsal Space located in Kearny Mesa at 4652 Mercury Street, San Diego, CA 92111.


Union and Non-Union Singers, Dancers and Character actors for the stage version of the classic 1952 MGM movie musical, “SINGIN IN THE RAIN”, a valentine to the 1920′s when talking pictures replaced silent films. All those auditioning must be 18 years of age or older except for the roles of Young Don and Young Cosmo who should be 8-12 years old.

Will consider AEA contracts for the following roles only: Don Lockwood, Cosmo Brown, Kathy Seldon and Lina Lamont.


Singer CallSeeking character men and women. Late 20′s to 50′s. Prepare a BRIEF song in the style of the show from traditional musical theatre or 1920′s – 30′s repertoire that shows story and vocal range. Have a second contrasting piece available. You may sing songs from the show. Please bring sheet music in your key. Accompanist provided.

Dance CallStrong in jazz, tap and the Hollywood dance style of the Golden Age of movie musicals. Bring jazz and tap shoes also sheet music in your key. See above Singer instructions for song selection. Those kept from the dance call will be asked to sing later that same evening.


COSMO BROWN – A wacky and playful on-set pianist for silent films. Don’s best friend and former dance partner. Excellent with physical comedy and gymnastics. Must attend the dance call. Male, 30′s-40′s. Range: C3 – Ab4

DON LOCKWOOD – A triple threat powerhouse charismatic performer. Hollywood leading man. Cosmo’s best friend and Lina’s regular costar. Must attend the dance call. Male, 30′s-40′s. Range: G2 – Ab4

KATHY SELDON – An earnest, talented actress with wit and charm. She falls in love with Don and performs as Lina’s speaking and singing voice. Must attend the dance call. Female, 20′s-early 30′s. Range: G3 – F5

LINA LAMONT – A beautiful but slow-witted silent film diva with a big personality and a harshly unpleasant voice. She is Don’s regular co-star. Female, 30′s. Range: C4 – Eb5

MISS DINSMORE – Lina’s vocal coach. She is the “mother hen” type with caring affection for the younger performers. Also, plays Hollywood gossip columnist and radio personality, DORA BAILEY. Character Female, 40′s-50′s

PRODUCTION SINGER – The lead tenor in Monumental Pictures’ first movie musical. Must attend the dance call. Male, 20′s-40′s. Range: Db3 – Ab4

R.F. SIMPSON – A successful, magnanimous, film producer. He leads the other characters in creating a new movie musical. At times easily swayed by others in his decisions. Male, 50′s-60′s

ROD – An excitable film agent bordering on manic. He works for Simpson. Male, 30′s-40′s

ROSCOE DEXTER – A famous film director with theatrical mannerisms and tendencies. Frequently frazzled and works with Lina and Don. Male, 30′s-50′s

ZELDA ZANDERS – A flapper socialite and actress on her ninth marriage, she is Lina’s friend and informant. Must attend the dance call. Female, 30′s

OLGA MARA & GIRL IN THE GREEN DRESS – Exotic movie star in seductive spider gown. Excellent dancer reminiscent of Cyd Charisse for the classic pas de deux with Don Lockwood in the Broadway Ballet. Must attend the dance call. Late 20′s-mid 30′s

YOUNG DON AND YOUNG COSMO – Two boys or girls ages 8-12. Must be able to dance well.

ENSEMBLE OF SINGERS AND DANCERS – To play studio workers, movie stars, fans, party guests and a variety of speaking roles.

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