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Snowboy   Schrank/Krumpke     Pepe     Francisca     Doc     Diesel     Consuelo

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West Side Story Audition Notice

Director: James Vasquez

Choreographer: Randy Slovacek

Musical Director: Don LeMaster



Email Jill at to schedule an audition. Specify what role

you will be auditioning for and if you will be attending the singer call,

dance call or both.

· Guest Artist Contract AEA: $400.00 weekly

· Non-Equity: There is pay

· First Non-Union Rehearsal: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

· First Equity Rehearsal: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

· First Performance: Friday, February 13, 2015

· Closing: Sunday, March 1, 2015

· Audition Dates and Times:

SINGER CALL – Friday, October 17 by appointment only from 2pm-10pm

for the roles of Maria, Tony, Chino and Adult Character Men.

DANCE CALL – Saturday, October 18 from 10am – 2pm.

CALLBACK – Saturday, October 18 at 3pm.

You must attend the call in San Diego to be considered. No video or out of

state submissions accepted at this time.

· Audition location: SDMT Rehearsal Space located in Kearny Mesa at

4652 Mercury Street, San Diego, CA 92111.

· Seeking: Seeking Equity and non-union male and female Actors/Singers in

their late teens – mid/late -20′s with a strong, athletic dance background &

technique to play members of The Jets, an American gang made up of

mostly teenage drop-outs from troubled homes, and The Sharks, a Puerto

Rican gang struggling to assimilate. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

Also seeking male character actors (40-60) for the adult roles. Singing a plus.

Will consider an AEA contract for the following roles: Maria, Anita, Tony,

Bernardo and Riff. *No video or out of state submissions accepted

· Preparation:

SINGER CALL – Prepare a one minute song. You may sing from the show

or a song in the style of the show.

DANCER CALL – girls in heels, guys in jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. Form

fitting clothes that you can really dance in. Tumbling a big plus. Bring knee





*please note, with the exception of Tony, all Jets are heavy dancing roles.

Tony (late teens – mid 20′s): Handsome, older teen-ager, who has outgrown

the Jets. A dreamer, who has visions of a better world; tenor/ high baritone.

Strong Singer/Actor. Some movement.

Riff (late teens – mid 20′s): Tony’s best friend. Glowing, driving, intelligent,

slightly wacky leader of the Jets; tenor. Strong Singer/Actor. Heavy dancing.

Diesel (late teens – mid 20′s): Lieutenant to Riff, big, slow, steady; baritone.

Baby John (mid – late teens): Youngest member of the Jets, awed at

everything, even being a Jet; tries to act like a big man, but is vulnerable;


A-Rab (late teens – mid 20′s): Small of stature, enjoys everything, takes

nothing seriously, unaware, can be explosive; baritone.

Action (late teens – mid 20′s): Most aggressive member of the Jets, a catlike

ball of fury; baritone.

Snowboy (mid – late teens): Bespectacled, self-styled expert; baritone.

Additional Jets (late teens – mid 20′s)


Anybodys (mid teens – mid 20′s): Scrawny teen-aged girl, pathetically

dressed to imitate the Jets, and wants desperately to be taken seriously by

them. Heavy dancing.

Velma (late teens – mid 20′s): Riff’s girlfriend, young, slithery, sexy, lost in

a world of jive.

Graziella (late teens – mid 20′s): Girlfriend of Diesel, impressed with


Additional Jet Women (late teens – mid 20′s): Strong dancers.


*please note – all Sharks must be comfortable speaking Spanish.

Bernardo (mid – late 20′s): Handsome, proud, fluid leader of the Sharks,

with a sardonic chip on his shoulder. Protective older brother to Maria;

baritone. Heavy dancing role.

Chino (late teens – early 20′s): Shy, gentle, sweet-faced young boy, the

intended husband of Maria; baritone.

Pepe (late teens – mid 20′s): Lieutenant to Bernardo, typically proud, and

resentful of discrimination; baritone.

Additional Sharks (late teens – mid 20′s): Typically proud, and resentful of

discrimination; baritone/tenor. Strong dancers.


Maria (mid-teens – early 20′s): Lovely young and obedient immigrant

Puerto Rican girl, excited and enthusiastic about her new life in America,

but with stubborn inner strength that allows her to evolve into a strong

woman; soprano. Strong singer and actor. Some dance.

Anita (mid-late 20′s): Older and wiser in the ways of the world, flashy,

sharp-tongued, and with a knowing sexuality; alto/mezzo-soprano. Heavy

dancing role.

Rosalia (late teens – mid 20′s): Young Puerto Rican girl, more demure, not

too bright; mezzo-soprano. Indio’s girlfriend. Strong dancer/singer.

Consuela (late teens – mid 20′s): Tough, young Puerto Rican girl with

bleach blond hair and lots of baubles; mezzosoprano. Pepe’s girlfriend.

Strong dancer.

Additional Shark Women (late teens – mid 20′s): Strong dancers.


Doc (50-60): Middle-aged drug store owner, tired and worn out. A bit of a

father figure to the boys, especially Tony.

Lieutenant Schrank (40-60): Plainclothes policeman used to being in

charge, superficially pleasant to cover his venom, fear, and bigotry.

Officer Krupke (40-60): A not-too-bright street cop.

Glad Hand (40-60): Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director

at the local gym dance. *this role may be doubled with another role.


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